Teamset Helps You Achieve Project Success

We are real people with 30 years of helping customers with their project success, now we are focused on the humans that do the work.

Recognition creates connection and fuels people.

Recognition creates space to do meaningful work.

Recognition creates value and belonging.

Access project information quickly
Increase engagement and teamwork
Share team success

Built by a team that’s been tracking projects for 30+ years.

Teamset was built and designed by Dovico, a company of 'people helping helping people grow' — serving well over 75,000 users in 80+ countries for over 30+ years.

Teamset’s approach to project successes is based on measuring contributions, recognition and sharing progress through complete transparency.

Teamset allows teams to spend more time doing the work, instead of wondering about where things stand.

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If you’re like most modern teams, you’ll communicate in Slack, share notes and comments in a Google Doc, block time in Google Calendar, send a million emails back and forth, hop on a Zoom call, walk down the hall to ask questions, remember to not forget to submit your timesheet weekly, and so much more.

It’s no wonder that details, information, and time fall through the cracks.

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A project tracking tool that does so much more.

Understanding the complexities of a project naturally occurs when teams connect, share, and deliver project work all in one spot. Teamset puts the work where it belongs, in the hands of the people.

Working together has never been more clear!

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Communicate in one place

Keep your teams connected through project transparency.

Track time and valuable projects information in one place

Bring time tracking and project collaboration together.

Recognize great work with shoutouts

Create space for belonging by acknowledging your teammates.

Collaborate easily

Let your team work together on all their projects in one place.

We believe in people first.

When someone on your team struggles, everyone struggles. By empowering your mates, everyone feels successful.

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We’ve been practicing!

We understand how projects quickly get out of hand and out of touch with the team. With over 30+ years of producing software solutions, we've had our share of challenging projects. By flattening our project team and centralizing our resources, we learned that we could pivot and succeed quickly and with a lot less frustration.


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